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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the World of Research writing. As a first year undergraduate student, you will be taking your first step into research writing and using others’ work as references. As NUS students, you are privileged that the university is paying for subscriptions to allow you unlimited access to journals from all over the world from various disciplines. However, try accessing such journals without using the university’s portal and often not you will hit a pay-wall in most scholarly journal engines. This often leads to frustrations as you will have to pay in order to access these journals.


The objectives of this blog is to allow students to:

1)  have a better understanding about what is Open Access Publications

2) understand the importance of the government allowing Open Access publications to the public

3) take actions in communicating and creating awareness to their peers about Open Access Publications through organising an event ‘Open Access Publication Week’


What can you expect from this blog under the various headings:

Home: Watch the video postings on how open access works and the importance of it.

Learn: A brief summary of what is Open Access

Take Action: How can you play a part in advocating Open Access in the future?

Resources: Downloadable files that you can use to share with your peers about Open Access publications.

Other Blogs: Read more from other writers on this issue.


Hence, click on and start Accessing now!

Open access 2(1)


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