Other Blogs

These are links to other blogs that discuss about Open Access Publications.

1) This blog by Paul Stacey who has spent most of his career in the education sector focusing in use of educational technology for adult learning. Here, he blogs about his thoughts on the immorality of hiding research papers from public access digitally. http://edtechfrontier.com/2013/03/10/open-access/

2) This blog by Jalees Rahmen highlighted four other publishing journals which discussed about open access publications. http://www.scilogs.com/next_regeneration/the-open-access-debate-continues/

3) This is the official blog of ‘Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, OASPA’ that offers a platform to bring together the entire community of Open Access journal publishers.  http://oaspa.org/blog/

4) This blog provides a rich platform where 9 series of discussion has taken place in relation to open access.




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